2 July 2020 

UPC Renewables welcomes the sign off of the development approval by the Commonwealth Government for the Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Park. 

This is the third and final approval required for the project with the Tasmanian EPA and Circular Head Council recently approving the project. This is a significant milestone in the full development of Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Parks in the North West of Tasmania. 

Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Park will potentially have up to 31 wind turbines and solar PV with a capacity of up to 240 MW which represents a potential investment of around $350 million. 

The Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Park is expected to employ up to 150 people over a two-year construction period and up to 15 full time permanent, local direct jobs once operational. Combined with the Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park and the Robbins Island to Hampshire transmission line it is expected that the projects will inject over $600M into the Tasmania economy during construction and over $30 million per annum during operations. 

UPC will now focus on finalising the development application for Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park for submission later this year and the development applications for Robbins Island to Hampshire transmission line in 2021. UPC is keen to continue the discussion with the community in regards to a community benefits program to share the benefits of these projects. 

David Pollington, Chief Operating Officer said “It has taken a lot of hard work supported by detailed investigations to reach this important milestone. We thank all the stakeholders for their feedback and engagement on Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Park and look forward to progressing this development.” 

“The Jim’s Plain Development, along with the Robbins Island Development, will deliver low cost energy and, coupled with hydro, provides dispatchable, affordable, reliable clean energy for Tasmania and interstate.” 

“We are keen to continue discussions with the community in relation to the concept and potential structure of a community benefits program to help the community share in the value of these projects.” A: Suite 2, Level 2, 15 Castray Esplanade, Hobart, TAS, 7004 E: admin.Australia@upcrenewables.com W: upcrenewables.com 

“This community benefits program will provide funding for community projects, which is in addition to the considerable amount of value created in terms of jobs and economic stimulus these projects will bring to North West Tasmania.” 

UPC are planning a community drop in session for late July and more details of this session will be available soon. 

The approval from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment can be found at http://epbcnotices.environment.gov.au/referralslist/ using the referral number 2017/8065. 

About UPC\AC Renewables Australia 

About UPC Renewables 

UPC is a leading worldwide renewable developer with more than 20 years of global experience developing, constructing and operating world-class wind and solar projects. 

UPC has developed more than 3,500 MW of operating wind and solar projects with an investment value of over USD5 billion, and have a development pipeline of more than 5,000 MW. 

UPC has a proven successful history of being an early entrant in new markets with advanced technology and creative local business strategies, helping countries accelerate their renewable energy development. 

UPC\AC Renewables Australia is a 50/50 joint venture between UPC Renewables and AC Energy. It is an Australian domiciled company with extensive experience in renewable energy development, construction and operations. 


About AC Energy 

AC Energy is the energy platform of Ayala, one of the largest business groups in the Philippines. AC Energy is one of the fastest growing energy companies with ~US$2 billion of invested and committed equity in renewable and thermal energy in the Philippines and around the region. 

From a strong local base, AC Energy is expanding rapidly around the region through strategic partnerships and greenfield initiatives. The company aspires to exceed 5 GW of renewables capacity and generate at least 50% energy output from renewables by 2025. In 2019, AC Energy’s power portfolio registered an attributable A: Suite 2, Level 2, 15 Castray Esplanade, Hobart, TAS, 7004 E: admin.Australia@upcrenewables.com W: upcrenewables.com 

capacity of over 1.8 GW in operation and under construction, spanning projects in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

The company increased its attributable energy output in 2019 by 25% to 3,500 Gigawatt hours, of which 50% came from renewable energy sources.