• With funding support from ACEN Australia as well as state and federal funding bodies, EHT is delivering fast charging stations to the public network across the State, expanding the Electric Vehicle (EV) tourist trail and supporting the rollout of EVs more broadly.
  • Tasmania’s demand for clean energy will significantly increase as the transport and industrial sectors further electrify to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • ACEN Australia’s nearby Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain Wind projects could help meet this demand by delivering over 30% of Tasmania’s renewable energy target by 2030, enough to power approximately 500,000 homes each year.

Wednesday, 18 October 2023, TASMANIA – ACEN Australia, a leader in renewable energy development, proudly supports Electric Highway Tasmania’s fleet of EV charging stations including a brand-new fast charger unveiled in Smithton today. The Smithton charger joins EHT’s growing fastcharger network, providing even greater coverage and convenience for travellers on Tasmania’s expanding EV tourism trail.

Clive Attwater, Managing Director of Electric Highways Tasmania, said ‘The agreement between ACEN Australia and Electric Highways Tasmania (EHT) announced today will enhance Tasmania’s EV charging capacity across the State.

The Smithton fast-charger extends the reach of EVs to the remote North West tip of Tasmania, marking the edge of EHT’s geographic coverage area which extends as far south as Geeveston. EHT plans to continue adding sites and more chargers to existing sites over the term of the agreement to meet the strong growth in demand for EV charging.

‘Along with our State and federal government funding grants, ACEN Australia has supported EHT from the beginning, contributing to the energy costs of our growing network of fast chargers across Tasmania. The five year agreement announced today will cover operational and maintenance expenses for all our charging stations throughout the state, from Geeveston to St Helens, including the latest addition here in Smithton,’ Mr Attwater said.

Charger data reveals 40% of network users are visitors to Tasmania who bring their own EVs or hire them locally.

David Pollington, Managing Director of ACEN Australia, said ‘adding Smithton to the EHT fast-charge network is good news for EV drivers, be they locals or visitors to the area. The charger is conveniently located behind the shops, near Arthur’s Lane in the heart of Smithton and can add 20-40km of range to an average EV in just 10 minutes – about as long as it takes to visit the nearby shops for groceries or enjoy a coffee and stretch your legs.’

Mr Pollington also highlighted the importance of EHT’s network in supporting the growing adoption of electric vehicles:

‘Australians are embracing EVs at an unprecedented rate, and we need an accessible fast-charging network to meet this growing demand. Tasmania has always been a popular holiday destination for drivers, and we are seeing more people enjoy our scenic drives in EVs. EHT’s network is there when you need to top up, even in the far North West of the state,’ said Mr Pollington.

ACEN Australia is a proud supporter of EHT and electric vehicle rollout. Its clean energy projects like Robbins Island and Jims Plain Wind can help meet Tasmania’s growing demand with locally sourced renewable energy as Australia electrifies its transportation industry and develops future green fuels like green hydrogen and methanol.


Media Contact:
Dan Sinkovits, Community Engagement and Communications Specialist, 0417 767 124


About Electric Highway Tasmania
EHT P/L is a private company established in March 2017 by a group of electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, with the goal of ensuring there would be a network of EV fast chargers allowing access for EV drivers to all parts of Tasmania. With support from ACEN Australia and the Tasmanian Government Smart Charging grants program EHT completed six sites by late 2020 that, combined with sites established by others, achieved near state-wide coverage. The small remaining gaps are being filled rapidly.


About ACEN Australia

ACEN Australia is the platform representing ACEN’s renewable energy assets in Australia. With more than 1 gigawatt (GW) capacity of large scale renewable energy generation in construction and operations, and more than 8GW capacity in the development pipeline, its portfolio includes several solar, wind, battery and pumped hydro projects across Australia.

New England Solar (Stage 1) in NSW is ACEN Australia’s first operational project. It is one of Australia’s largest solar projects participating in the National Electricity Market (NEM) and is the largest solar project in Australia to be financed on a fully merchant basis. Stubbo Solar in the NSW Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone is ACEN Australia’s second project, which commenced construction in late 2022.

With 80+ employees and growing, our people are based in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.


ACEN Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACEN, the listed energy platform of the Ayala group. The company has ~4,200 MW of attributable capacity from owned facilities in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Australia. 2021 saw the integration of international assets into ACEN and its transformation from a Philippine focused energy provider into a significant regional renewable energy provider in the Asia Pacific.

ACEN is the Philippine listed energy platform of the Ayala Group. Founded in 1834, Ayala Corporation is one of the largest companies in the Philippines with core interests in real estate, banking, water, telecommunications, and power. It also has emerging enterprises in infrastructure, healthcare and education. In addition, Ayala’s corporate social responsibility programs are managed under the Ayala Foundation.