This week reps from Yindjibarndi Energy Corporation (YEC) travelled to the Philippines to learn more about its partner ACEN’s large scale renewable energy on country. Yindjibarndi men Michael Woodley, Terrance Warrie and Curtis Lockyer, along with YEC CEO Craig Ricardo and Yindjibarndi organisation executives Sean Paul Stephens and Mike Hollett visited ACEN’s wind farms in Ilocos Norte province in the Philippines – even getting to climb to the top of a turbine and take in the view of Balaoi Ridge. The group also met with local community and farming partners and ate banana cue and sweet potatoes produced and prepared by community. The visit enabled the Yindjibarndi to see firsthand the meaningful strides ACEN is making in our host communities. Aligned with the Yindjibarndi 3Cs model of Culture, Community and Commercial opportunities, the YEC partnership is the perfect blend of traditional significance and modern technology to craft an energy future that is not only renewable, but also renewing, by empowering local communities and contributing to a greener future.