Valley of the Winds

Valley of the Wind is a proposed 800 megawatt wind farm that is in the early stages of planning. To be located among grazing livestock, up to 175 wind turbines will be built across three clusters named Mount Hope, Girragulang Road and Leadville within the Central West Renewable Energy Zone. A transmission line will connect Valley of the Winds to the National Electricity Market, providing a secure and reliable supply of electricity to NSW and beyond. A battery energy storage facility is also being considered for the project.


Coolah, New South Wales


  • Will generate 800 megawatts
  • Allow for approximately 2,500,000 megawatt hours of clean renewable energy to be generated each year
  • Power 590,000 typical New South Wales homes

Project stage

In the early stage of planning works with the NSW Government's Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

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